what we do

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ENDOCRINOLOGY ASSOCIATES of ROANOKE provides clinical care to people all over the valley and beyond. We educate our patients with endocrine disorders to help them improve the quality of their lives. Starting with your first appointment, you will be pleased with the quality of care given to you by our physicians, friendly staff, and excellent laboratory. We have educational tools and training to help put your best foot forward in caring for your diabetes, thyroid, and all other endocrine disorders that shape your lifestyle. We offer thyroid ultrasounds and fine needle aspiration in the clinic for care of patients with thyroid disorder. Bone densitometry equipment for dual energy x-ray is also available providing absorptiometry (DEXA scan) which uses a very low dose of x-ray, allowing us to make an immediate assessment of a patient's bone status. We emphasize the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis along with other metabolic bone disorders. We strive to help our patients by creating a positive learning atmosphere that will give you confidence in your personal care and in the care you receive at Endocrinology Associates.


Carl Bivens, M.D., one of our four current physicians, started the practice in 1976. Our first location was on McClanahan Street until February of 1991 when the practice moved to Rosalind Ave. In June of 2000, Jefferson Street became the new location of Endocrinology Associates, then in 2020 relocated to our current Colonial Green Circle location. With the continuous increase in patients, other Endocrinology Physicians were needed to help provide excellent care to the valley. Dr. Michael Koch, M.D. joined in 1981, D. James Bailey III, M.D. joined in 1992, and James Mulinda, M.D. joined in 2005.